SKILL is a global service company to "facility management" companies and communities with various business lines that allow outsourcing the essential management of support functions such as training, construction and team management solutions, technology, events, business partnership and technical services.

This new management activity allows services to be outsourced in order to help companies focus only on their core business from which productivity gains and management savings.

Our business parks are :

Skill Tech offers you the whole range of services to support you regardless of your IT project, from consulting to deployment to training. Technology is no longer just a tool. It has become a strategic asset in your company’s management and performance. see more

We support the transformation of your company by creating with you solutions that clearly meet your objectives. Conventional missions such as training, recruitment, management consulting, sales force management, conflict management and change management. Active and pedagogical practical methods. see more

  • Making business gadgets
  • Sale of computer equipment and office furniture
  • Logistics of premises and its components
  • Reception service
  • Fleet vehicle
  • Event security.

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We cover all communication tools and media up to the organisation of professional events with strong strategic thinking and witty creations.Mobile marketing, Relationship marketing and customer relationship management, social media, SEO optimization and search engine marketing   see more 

Through the balance of ingredients specially studied, we offer you all our skills to create an event that will enable you to achieve your objectives: customer loyalty, brand image, prospecting, reputation, Valuing your company’s know-how. see more

Our quality approach requires the implementation of means and resources adapted to the success of your project and your issues.

  • The proper performance of our services
  • The professionalism of our consultants
  • The reached of the defined goals
  • Customer satisfaction

Frequent satisfaction surveys with client companies and organizations to ensure our effectiveness and the added value of our interventions, develop corrective actions in the event of dissatisfaction and improve services, refine our methods.

Our ethics in three principles

  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

Innovation by SKILL is a team of engineers dedicated to Innovation. Our team’s mission is to provide our business lines with concrete solutions with high added value.

Our engineers were selected based on their technical skills and adaptability. Their versatility and advanced knowledge on certain topics (information and communication technologies, training, etc.) enable them to grasp the variety of subjects for innovation in facility management. They thus manage all the stages of our Innovation approach: from the detection of high-potential solutions to their implementation in the field.

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