Skill Tech offers you a whole range of services to support you regardless of your IT project, from consulting to deployment by going through training.

Technology is no longer just a tool, it has become a strategic asset in your company’s management and performance.

Exploiting the benefits of technology means knowing:

  • Adapt information technology to the culture of the company or your institution.
  • Leverage technologies to improve your company’s performance.
  • Involve employees in the company’s competitiveness by increasing their efficiency and creativity through technology.
  • Analyze and exploit data without being lost in their abundance and gain in readability and time.


  • Design of network infrastructures and website (showcase/E-commerce)
  • Business Intelligent (Management Solutions and Communication Platform)
  • Digital Data Archiving Solutions
  • Supervision of the Information system
  • Information Systems Network and Informatics Security
  • The IT Maintenance
  • Database management

International School Control (ISCO), is a complete software for the automated administration of the school. It has been developed taking into account the constraints of the educational system of high schools, colleges and primary schools.

Chez mon libraire is a sales site for educational tools, school stationery, office supplies and accessories.Items with no no surprise rates,no waiting at the checkout counter, no traffic jams, no closing times, no moving from your home or your workplace!

Our MEDSYS hospital ERP with FULLWEB system, developed with the latest MICROSOFT technology. It takes charge of the complete management of a hospital facility (good administrative management, optimal management of patients' medical records).

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Development and creation of websites, Web marketing and SEO. Management and Management Software, Desktop and Informatics, Information System (Infrastructure and Security).

Our experts help you create tailor-made tools to develop or transform the architecture of your systems.

Fields of intervention:

  • Specify the software components to be made;
  • Help you select the right technologies for your needs;
  • Advise you on the proper use of these technologies;
  • Realize advanced developments;
  • Auditing components that you have developed;
  • Advise you on the management of this type of project.

They will also be able, through their own experience on approaching topics, to provide relevant suggestions and advice to enrich the service.

We realize for you innovative specific developments by committing ourselves to the result: suitability to the need, quality, delay.

Depending on the nature of your projects and your operational constraints, we know how to adapt our commitment mode: lump sum, governance or agile approach.

From specifications to the maintenance phase, through design, development, testing and industrial deployment, we bring you all our technical expertise.

  • The IT Maintenance
  • Electronic safety, remote monitoring,
  • Sale of computer equipment and video surveillance

*Software product approach, flexibility and quick team integration, strength of proposal*.

Our quality approach requires the implementation of means and resources adapted to the success of your project and your issues.

  • The proper performance of our services
  • The professionalism of our consultants
  • The reached of the defined goals
  • Customer satisfaction

Frequent satisfaction surveys with client companies and organizations to ensure our effectiveness and the added value of our interventions, develop corrective actions in the event of dissatisfaction and improve services, refine our methods.

Our ethics in three principles

  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

Innovation by SKILL is a team of engineers dedicated to Innovation. Our team’s mission is to provide our business lines with concrete solutions with high added value.

Our engineers were selected based on their technical skills and adaptability. Their versatility and advanced knowledge on certain topics (information and communication technologies, training, etc.) enable them to grasp the variety of subjects for innovation in facility management. They thus manage all the stages of our Innovation approach: from the detection of high-potential solutions to their implementation in the field.

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