We accompany the transformation of your company by creating with you solutions that clearly meet your objectives.
Conventional missions such as training, recruitment, management consulting, sales force management, conflict management and change management. Active and pedagogical practical methods.

In collaboration with local and international experts we train in the following areas:

Sales and trading techniques, establishment of a business intelligence system. Build its commercial action plan, master the practical aspects of merchandising, generate business by mastering the levers of prospecting.

Development in HR Manager’s business: administrative management of staff, legislation and labour law (Labour Code- Social law), social relations, conflict management.

Project management, intergenerational management, vision and leadership.

Communication Technique and Management, Public Speaking, Seminar Moderation and Meetings; Strategy, External Communication Plan and Evaluation of Results.

Development and creation of websites, Web marketing and SEO. Management and Management Software, Desktop and Informatics, Information System (Infrastructure and Security).

Insurance, banking, accounting (Consolidation and IFRS standards), management control, Credit, Finance (Financial analysis, financial audit, financial management), Wealth management.


  • Maritime English, Secretaries, Business, Tourism, Legal English
  • French
  • Mandarin

Interpreting, translation

  • English
  • Mandarin
  •  Assistance in the various phases of the development and implementation of the Training Engineering Process and tools

Phase 1: Study to identify your Training Needs

This study allows you to analyse your training needs according to a diagnosis based on the competence approach. (It takes into account the HR development objectives and specific characteristics of your company. It will lead to recommendations and a strategic and operational training action plan).

Phase 2 : Assistance in the development of your training plan

This study will lead to the development of tailor-made training plans showing the most suitable training paths for each member of your team and the integration of the necessary pedagogical adjustments.

Phase 3 : Assistance in evaluating your training activities:

It will consist of assisting you to measure the effectiveness of your training activities and to assess their effects on the development of your staff’s skills and on the performance of your company.

  • General organization, management consulting and professional coaching of teams, intermediation.

Design and implementation of management procedures manuals as well as tax assistance and advice.

Our most : Our services go far beyond training; through our e-learning system (Tablet+ application, etc.) we offer a service to monitor the progress of the action on our clients (minimum 6 months).

  • Private Enterprises And Public Bodies
  • Financial institutions
  • Undertaken Pharmaceutiques Et Médicales
  • Company Groups

Our quality approach requires the implementation of means and resources adapted to the success of your project and your issues.

  • The proper performance of our services
  • The professionalism of our consultants
  • L’atteinte des objectifs définis
  • Customer satisfaction

Frequent satisfaction surveys with client companies and organizations to ensure our effectiveness and the added value of our interventions, develop corrective actions in the event of dissatisfaction and improve services, refine our methods.

Our ethics in three principles

  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

Innovation by SKILL is a team of engineers dedicated to Innovation. Our team’s mission is to provide our business lines with concrete solutions with high added value.

Our engineers were selected based on their technical skills and adaptability. Their versatility and advanced knowledge on certain topics (information and communication technologies, training, etc.) enable them to grasp the variety of subjects for innovation in facility management. They thus manage all the stages of our Innovation approach: from the detection of high-potential solutions to their implementation in the field.

Team building is an original English word for team construction.
The concept was born in the early 1980s with the main objective of strengthening the ties of a team.
Over time the team building has become an opportunity to reward employees or to mark in beauty the past year and the achievements achieved.
What does a team building consist of?

It is a moment spent in a group around an exciting, amusing, even original activity. The goal is to meet the challenges proposed, and reward the teams or boost their energy and motivation. In addition to the pleasure of the activity, it generates a cascade of collateral benefits for the company.

The advantages

Team building allows:

  • Unity and solidarity,
  • A better collaboration,
  • Strengthening the team spirit,
  • The investment of every collaborator,
  • Good cohesion within the company (reduced tensions),
  • The development of each employee’s creativity,
  • A good management of stress,
  • The profitability of the collaborator.


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