By the balance of specially studied ingredients, we will offer all our skills to create an event that will allow you to achieve your goals:

  • Customer Loyalty,
  • Brand image,
  • Prospecting,
  • Fame,
  • Valuing the know-how of your company.

From conceptualisation to catering to music animation and decoration, we produce events for professionals (companies, local authorities, works councils and administrations):

  • Team building,
  • Meeting and Seminary,
  • Fair and Lounge,
  • Inaugural ceremony,
  • Corporate evening,
  • General assembly,
  • Cartering,
  • Roadshow,
  • Street Marketing,
  • Networking,
  • Anniversary of a company,
  • Annual wishes.

Team building

Team building is an original English word for team construction.
The concept was born in the early 1980s with the main objective of strengthening the ties of a team.
Over time the team building has become an opportunity to reward employees or to mark in beauty the past year and the achievements achieved.
What does a team building consist of?

It is a moment spent in a group around an exciting, amusing, even original activity. The goal is to meet the challenges proposed, and reward the teams or boost their energy and motivation. In addition to the pleasure of the activity, it generates a cascade of collateral benefits for the company.

The advantages

Team building allows:

  • Unity and solidarity,
  • A better collaboration,
  • Strengthening the team spirit,
  • The investment of every collaborator,
  • Good cohesion within the company (reduced tensions),
  • The development of each employee’s creativity,
  • A good management of stress,
  • The profitability of the collaborator.


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